Supporting Local Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Local small business put their heart and soul into their products and services. Be it a local restaurant down the block, neighborhood café, or farmers market –it is very important to support local businesses whenever you can. Buying locally and promoting small businesses will make your community grow –both financially and socially. Here is how you can help small community businesses.

Supporting small businesses is the best thing that you can do for your community. According to the US Bureau of Business Statistics, small businesses account for almost 12.9 million new jobs over the past 25 years while larger businesses have created only 6.7 million new job opportunities. This number clearly depicts how small businesses are extremely important for your community’s progress.

In addition to this, supporting local businesses will also encourage people to follow entrepreneurial adventures and experiment with new products and technologies. Community members should support homemakers who want to start a business on the side like food delivery kitchens, homemade supplies, and home décor.

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Here are some small things you can do for local businesses around your community to ensure small business support.

  1. Shop Locally

More than 70% of consumers in the US and Canada prefer to shop locally post-pandemic. For starters, it is easier. All you have to do is find good locally-owned shops in your neighborhood. Other than this, local businesses put more effort into their services and provide customers with a great, hassle-free, and reliable shopping experience. For instance, if you are buying your groceries from a local family-owned store employed by community people, you are putting your money right in the owner’s hand and also putting money back into the local economy.

Shopping locally also promotes personal connections between consumers and small businesses. It creates job opportunities for people in the neighborhood and it encourages other entrepreneurial minds to start their own small businesses. So instead of shopping from big brands outside of your community, you should find solace in small cafes, shops, and stores around your neighborhood.

  1. Interact Online with Local Businesses

To promote small businesses and make them reach people outside of your community, it is essential to promote businesses online. You can do a lot by simply liking, sharing, and commenting on their posts. It is a great way to get a local brand noticed online on social media platforms. This will grow your community’s reputation as people flood in to get a taste of your local bakery, warm cafes, and fresh stores. You can also write a positive review online to boost their sales both within and outside the community.

  1. Spread the Word

Writing reviews is a powerful way to support small businesses, however, there is more you can do. Local businesses usually don’t have funds for extensive marketing campaigns, and that’s why they rely on word-of-mouth recommendations. Whether it’s a friend’s business, your favorite store in the neighborhood, or a stall owned by someone you barely know –talking about their products and services is a great way to market their goods. You can do this by mentioning your favorite small business to friends and family members. You can also wear their branded clothing, caps, and badges to promote small businesses.

  1. Send Feedback & Buy Gift Cards

Sometimes, one simple comment can make someone’s day. Support local businesses by sending them regular feedback. This is a great source of encouragement and motivation for small business owners. You can also buy their gift cards and give them to your friends to make them new loyal customers. Gift cards are basically insurance for small businesses that you will buy them in the future as well. Write them a personalized note or comment telling them how much you love their products and even provide them constructive criticism and suggestions so that they can keep improving.

  1. Sign Newsletter

Signing small business newsletters is a great way to stay informed about their discounts, new products, and sales. You can help them grow their email list by simply signing up for their newsletter and sharing it with your friends. This way, local businesses will know that people are interested in their business and products. You can also share their updates with your friends and family and encourage them to buy from them.

By supporting local businesses, communities can build lasting consumer relationships. The Strake app is a powerful community-driven platform where small businesses can connect with community members and post regular updates about their business.