Supporting Inclusive Community Spaces

Communities comprise people –individuals who come from different backgrounds and have different religions, beliefs, and ideas. It is important to create an inclusive environment for every single member of your community. Why? Because it will encourage equality, lucrative opportunities for all, and a sense of unity among residents. Here is why community inclusion is an important aspect of building a happy, healthy, progressive community.

Inclusive community spaces allow every community member to be a vital part of community events, organizations, places, and activities regardless of their age, disability, or ethnic background. While you may think that community inclusion has a few potential barriers like age and disability, it is far more serious than this. People in your community come from different religious backgrounds, races, and wealth, and income. While these factors will make it easier for you to discern individual needs, they also make it easier for you to rule someone out of an activity.

Studies prove that social and community inclusion isn’t only morally the right thing to do, but inclusive spaces within communities have also improved the economy by reducing income inequality, education, and employment options.   And this is not it, racial diversity in advertisements has also shaped consumers’ habits and shopping experiences.

Free Confident and smiling multiethnic colleagues joining hands and looking at each other while standing near big fenced window in afternoon Stock Photo

In this blog, we will delve further into the significance of creating an inclusive environment in your community and how you can take steps to make it happen.

How to Create an Inclusive Community?

There is nothing worse than feeling like an outcast and trust us, there are some people in your communities who might feel like they don’t belong. It is the community’s responsibility to create inclusive spaces and organize events that don’t rule out anyone regardless of their age, ethnicity, religion, or wealth.

Here are some ways you can build an inclusive community

  1. Take a Look Around You

The only way you will be able to realize the lack of inclusivity in your community is by taking a look around you. Be observant about how people are treating each other in your community. By being vary to these details, you will realize core problems leading to inaccessible inclusive spaces. For instance, lack of education regarding equity, freedom of speech, and religious independence. Reanalyze your approach to organizing events, places, and projects. Make sure that it includes everyone and that there is a role for everyone to fit in.

  1. Welcome Everyone

Create a welcoming environment in your community and encourage everyone to take part. You can do this by simply having conversations, arranging meetings, and building healthy connections with people. You cannot create an inclusive community without considering everyone’s interests, needs, and cultures. Motivate people to put their different ideas and unique visions on the table to create a space that includes and welcomes everyone.

  1. Take Care of People’s Needs

Understanding and taking care of individual needs is very important to create an inclusive community. It is important to pay attention to details like wealth, age, and race differences while creating spaces for your community. Not everyone can afford an expensive pass to an event or wear a costume that goes against their religious beliefs. Keep individual needs in mind, like work schedules, religious beliefs, and childcare needs to create truly inclusive spaces.

  1. Build a Support Coalition

Any role in an organization that objectively focuses on important things like diversity, inclusion, and belonging is an energy-intensive job. However, it is very important for your community. Companies and workplaces in your community should build support coalitions to ensure that everyone is being represented and heard. This should be an important part of every organization receiving a sufficient amount of attention

  1. Education

You can solve the biggest of issues with awareness and education. Arrange events and seminars to make people understand why it is so important to create an inclusive environment. It will make community members aware of discrimination and its effects on the community’s well-being. Educate kids in school about including people and being good to everyone regardless of how different they are from you. This will also calm bullying in schools along with income inequality in workplaces resulting in financial establishment, emotional liberation, and social upheaval in the community.

Building an inclusive community comes with a lot of challenges. However, anyone with a phone Wi-Fi password can do it. You can ensure community inclusion through a platform that connects everyone. Strake is a place where community residents can speak their minds, express opinions, and brainstorm ideas to move towards an inclusive community.