Local Innovations Driving Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is one of the most driving goals of the 21st century. Communities and cities all over the world have been suffering from chain reactions of climate change, conflicts, and natural disasters. Promoting sustainable development through local innovations will improve the overall economic and environmental stress on a community. In this blog, we will tell you why sustainable progress is important for a community’s health and prosperity.

It is imperative to provide communities with some backing to build more resilient and sustainable neighborhoods. According to the Global Sustainable Report (GSDR), midway into 2023, incremental and fragmented change is insufficient to meet the Sustainable Development Goal (SDR). This is why, communities should focus on driving large-scale changes through sustainable local inventions. Here are some local inventions that communities can implement to adopt a more resilient lifestyle.

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Here are five local inventions that will transform the future of your community

  1. Electric Public Transport

There are more than 160 types of electric and hybrid vehicles available in the market today. While people assume it is only for personal use and luxury, in China, almost 300,000 eBuses hum down the streets every day. Electric public transport can save a lot of money on pricey fuel and it also reduces carbon emissions. Even though the acquisition price of eBuses is going to be more upfront, it reduces total ownership cost due to its independence from pricey diesel. Simply, eBuses is a great local invention to ensure sustainability in your community.

  1. Recycling Waste

An average person produces more than 4 pounds of trash every day and this number is no short of alarming. Focusing on recycling efforts is crucial for communities that seek sustainable development. Communities can establish a network of bikes and cycles that can pick up recyclable trash from households and deliver it to collection, packaging, and sorting hubs around the community. Wecyclers in Nigeria is a great example of this. They provide service subscribers with points per kilogram weight of waste, which they can exchange for other goods like food and household items.

  1. LED Lights

Energy-efficient lights are quickly replacing traditional incandescent bulbs. This is because these fluorescent lamps consume 10 times as much energy as LED lights. According to surveys, LED lights can save energy up to 40% which account for $26 billion in saving. To move towards sustainable living, communities should focus on consuming less energy. This is why, a lot of communities around the world are now taking initiatives to replace power-consuming street lights with energy-efficient LEDs. Community member should also replace their house lights with pocket-friendly LED lamps.

  1. Walking Turned Into Electricity

One of the most breakthrough sustainable innovations is the creation of off-grid electricity through weight strain. Just imagine, there are hundreds of people in your community doing the straightforward task of walking from one place to another. By placing energy-generating flooring under your roads, you can achieve a completely sustainable transformation.

When a person steps on a block of piezoelectric material, his weight causes electromagnetic generators to displace vertically resulting in rotary motion and producing off-grid electricity. A single step can produce enough energy to light an LED bulb for 20 seconds. If you are looking for a local innovation idea that could truly transform your community into a sustainable heaven, you can install an efficient flooring system on your walking pedestrians, roads, and parks.

  1. Accessible Solar Power

Almost 60% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa dont have access to electricity. They are exploring renewable energy sources like solar power to provide inexpensive electricity to millions of people. Communities, too, should focus on establishing solar power plants so that can have easy access to renewable energy resources. With this invention, a lot of people are shifting to greenhouses and creating zero-energy building infrastructures. This is a great way to make your community more aware of power consumption and take necessary steps to resolve the problem.

Community restaurants and shops should also stop using plastic and start using paper packaging and edible cutlery. A large number of shopping brands around the world practice sustainability by creating shopping bags out of processed seed remains which you can later dissolve in water and use to plant a tree.

In a world battered by economic, climate, and sanitation crises, it is vital to take steps and make your community healthier, greener, and better. Through the Strake app, you can brainstorm ideas with community members and create a platform dedicated to sustainable living.