Empowering Women in Your Community

A community can never prosper and achieve economic growth if its women are not empowered. We should treat every member of our community as an equal. Local empowerment of women in your community will also reduce other problems like gender inequality, poverty, and economic instability. Here are five ways you can prioritize women empowerment in your community.

Gender inequality is a huge problem that is the root cause of major issues like discrimination, workplace harassment, and the gender wage gap. Did you know that a woman working full-time year-round is still paid only 83.7% of what a man is paid?

This needs to change in our communities and towns. According to surveys, higher female wages contribute greatly to children’s education as well as family health and financial stability. To empower women in your community, it is very important to educate people about respecting women. Salaries should be given based on your post and skills rather than your gender. Businesses should also make workplaces safe for women and encourage them to take the lead.

Here are five simple ways to make women empowered in your community

  1. Encourage Female Leadership

Women have always been an active part of the workforce. Be it food production, domestic wellness, energy plants, or the tech industry –females have been participating and contributing endlessly. Despite this, they are rarely given leadership opportunities. Worldwide, women hold only 35% of all leadership positions. People believe that women aren’t great leaders. However, it has been scientifically proven that women are better at multitasking than men. This is because men need to mobilize different areas of their brains and expend more energy to switch between tasks.

In addition to this, women are also extremely perceptive which makes them perfect leaders. As a community, we should empower and encourage women by following their lead. Allow women of your community to make bold decisions and gain confidence by making them feel heard and seen.

  1. Introduce Better Job Opportunities for Women

It is very important to provide both men and women with equally better job opportunities. However, if your community is lacking female participation, it is significant to focus on gender-inclusive economic growth by offering more job opportunities for women. It is also the community’s responsibility to make workplaces safer for women so that they won’t hesitate to be a part of office environments.

Women in some communities choose to stay indoors because they are never appreciated for their talents and creativity. We should empower women to cash their talents and invest in their entrepreneurial adventures. By starting businesses, from catering and baking to computers and tech, they can drastically improve economic stability and growth.

  1. Mentor Women

You can empower women in your community by arranging seminars and events for them.  Mentor them to learn, evolve, and speak. Women are conditioned to follow since their childhood. It is important to make them relearn all of these ideologies. Make women and young girls aware of their rights and how they can seek help if they are facing harassment, domestic violence, or abuse.

  1. Mentor Boys

Why is it that women are the only ones being mentored? Let’s change this. Young boys and even men should be educated on how to make women feel safer in businesses, workplaces, and schools. They should know how to respect women and understand what they go through. Educating your men will make your community safer for women. This will also make people more progressive, open-minded, and understanding. Parents need to educate and mentor their boys and girls equally. Make them aware of how gender equality exists and why it is important to end it.

  1. Organize Women Helplines

A community’s priority should be to reduce female targeting crimes like rape and sexual harassment on streets, workplaces, and public transport. There should be strict rules and regulations regarding these crimes. Moreover, community helplines should be established to help and support women.

More than half of the time, women stay in abusive relationships and sweep harassment cases under the rug because they don’t know how to seek help. They simply don’t feel heard. Through Strake, you can make community women connect with each other and build a strong woman-centric society.

We live in an era where it is very important to make economic growth more inclusive. Invest in women-owned businesses not only financially but also emotionally. Support their efforts to make them feel more confident and appreciated.