Community Employment Programs and Job Fairs

Unlike traditional methods of seeking jobs that involve sending in resumes and establishing connections by repeatedly knocking on doors, community job fairs provide unemployed people and fresh graduates with an opportunity to meet potential employers at one big event. Community employment programs can provide you with a lot of convenient and lucrative opportunities. Here is why attending and organizing job fairs is essential for your community’s growth.

According to the Rakuna’s student insight report, almost 90% of fresh community graduates look for job opportunities in career fairs held within their community. Job fairs provide both employees and employers with a great option to scout what they have been looking for. These community employment programs will also distinctly help your community grow by providing jobs to unemployed people. Sometimes, people are uncertain as to how to apply for jobs, establish a network, or even simply put one proverbial foot through the door. Through annual job fairs, you will be bringing recruiters and employers directly to community members who are seeking job opportunities.

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In this blog, we will tell you how to prepare for community job fairs and why it is important to attend employment programs

How to Prepare for Community Fairs

For some people, meeting a potential employer might be the most daunting experience of their lives. Job fairs warm people to the idea of meeting new people and getting comfortable giving interviews. These events also make you more confident and used to being asked questions. However, to be confident, you need preparation. Always edit your resume and seek professional help from professors and mentors to rephrase details, skills, and experiences in your resume.

Always carry a few copies of your resume in case you want to hand it to any employer who grabs your interest. Before attending the fair, it is very important to research what kind of employers and companies will be attending the event. By doing this, you can edit your resume highlighting their requirements for hiring.

Here are a few additional tips that will help you make a lasting impression in community employment programs

  • Greet employers with a humble smile and firm handshake
  • Dress professionally to convey confidence and business
  • Maintain eye contact while answering questions
  • Keep your resume ready, don’t shuffle through the content of the suitcase for your resume or any other material
  • Keep a note and pen handy in case you need to copy any information like emails, numbers, and names.

Why You Should Attend Community Job Fairs?

Job-seeking community members need to attend job fairs. Even if you are not planning to take on a job anytime soon, it will be a great experience to familiarize yourself with the work culture. Here is why you should attend community employment programs and job fairs

  1. Meet Multiple Employers

You can meet multiple employers at a single event. Multiple job choices don’t only improve your odds of landing a job but they also boost your confidence.

  1. Immediate Response

Moreover, job fairs save you time by providing immediate responses from employers. In job fairs, employers analyze resumes in real time and you get a direct reply for your job application.

  1. No Room for Partiality

There is also no room for partiality in job fairs, unlike traditional interviews. Employers are usually interviewing a moving crowd and people are hired based on their resume, experience, and interaction.

  1. Cost Effective Approach

And to add a cherry on top, fob fairs are a cost-effective approach for job employers as well as employees. It also saves time on both ends of the rope. You, as an employee, can meet multiple employers and interact with different people at a single event, while employers, don’t need to spend a lot of money on interview setups.

  1. Indirect Marketing

These job fairs also provide employers with a phenomenal way to market their brand indirectly. By setting up a stall at a local career fair, they can market their company and make people aware of what they do.

  1. Get Comfortable

As we mentioned above, community job fairs will warm you to the idea of talking to employers and presenting your talents. Even if you won’t get the post, you can make good connections with field leaders who will respect your education, skills, and talents.

To benefit from these annual and mid-annual community job fairs, it is very important to research such events. Get to know the type of employers and companies that will be attending the fair. Through the Strake app, you can get real-time updates on important events like health screening, career fairs, and local employment programs.