Meet Strake: The Local Citizen News App Where YOUR Voice is Heard.

A community news platform where individuals can share local stories, brainstorm with others about their findings, and work together to create real change.


In a World Divided, We Need Community.

How can we spread the news of what we as individuals and communities are facing?

How can we adapt to global, economic, climate and social changes?

How can we transition into always being tech ready?

How can we live a work/life balance, still be able to retire and provide to the next generation?

How can we lead as humans in an era of AI?

Our voices aren’t heard.

We’ve become out of touch and disconnected from our communities.

We feel like the world is outside of our control.

Taking Local Citizen Journalism a Few Steps Ahead.

Join Strake: The local news app where you can be a citizen journalist, benefit your
community, and collaborate for a better home.

Couple posting photos

Post Community News.

Let your voice be heard.

Share videos and images that spark conversations. Connect with fellow community members as a sounding board for topics around the local economy, local politics, sports, society, and more.

Learn how they feel and what they want to be done.

Two women streaming live with a mobile phone and microphone outdoors.

Be in the Know with Live Reporting.

Use Strake’s Live Reporting feature to share important news in real-time and inform your local community on what’s happening.

Brainstorm, Connect, and Inspire.

Discover community news stories written by fellow citizens and upcoming journalists committed to making your home a better place.

Share your updates, learn from others, and revive the power of community connection.

Introducing Strake’s Services

Where Individuals & Businesses Can Help Each Other.

Strake is a place where local services can use the demand to provide needed solutions to people's well-being and quality of life. Offer your quality of life service and get more certainty on the kind of customers willing to pay for it.

A powerful place to directly find what problems individuals,
journalists, and the community want solved.

Provide solutions for the issues your community is affected by. Grow your business all while making a difference.

Introducing Strake

Connect, Learn, & Build Community Again with Strake:
A New Kind of Local News App.

Whether you’re an upcoming citizen journalist, individual, or entrepreneur, use Strake to unite, grow, and improve your community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Financial problems.
Categories are a way to organize how you comment and brainstorm with other Citizens. You can brainstorm without a category, or choose Idea, Service, Location, or Design. You can filter the conversations by Category to see what others said under each category.
There are three places where transactions happen in Strake. The first is in the live streaming, where others watching can fund your video if you are working towards something or educating. The second is getting paid directly through your Profile. The third one is through an offer for a service you provide.
Go to your Profile, scroll down to Offer Services and tap the “+” sign to add service(s). You can select from the list there, or create your own under “Other”
Go to a Citizen’s Profile, on the top right, tap on the Private chat button that looks like a message. On the top right, tap on Offer. From there fill everything you need. All accepted offers are stored in My Schedule under your Profile. Offers can be accepted, declined, or counter offered.

Each credit card transaction is a 10% processing fee on the receiving party.

Once a payment is made, it can take between 2-3 business days to process. Once they have, they will go through to the other party’s app account immediately.
A transfer of funds from the Strake Wallet to a bank account is called a payout. The first time you do this, it will take 7-14 business days. After that, the timeframe is 2-3 business days.
Refunds can take 5-10 business days to reflect, depending on the bank originally used.

No we do not. Our payment services are integrated with Stripe. When you place your credit card information and bank account information, that is stored through Stripe. We do not have access to it.

Community Blogs

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